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Smart Tips to Design Elegant and Classy Windows

The windows of a house are an essential architectural element. They are more than an opening to regulate the air and indoor lighting. As a matter of fact, the building’s overall aesthetic strongly relies on the window design. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, a house’s windows are the gates to the life vision and personality of the owners.

Nevertheless, the recent architectural trend seems to shift away from extravagance to minimalism. This latter style has become strongly associated with classy and elegant characteristics. In this article, you will learn how to incorporate the principle of minimalism to your house through the design of the windows.

Choosing the Unembellished Window Frame

Ornaments are against the principle of minimalism, but it does not mean that a minimalist window design possesses no artistic challenges. First, you are required to pick a frame with just the right color. It must blend naturally with the paint of your wall. Otherwise, the window will appear detached from the overall structure, which can be an eyesore to those who know aesthetics in design.

The second point to note is that the material of the frame significantly affects its color. Wooden frames are best with brown, dark brown, and medium brown. You can also opt for the wood’s natural color and stains. It will make your house appear more natural. However, your window and door frames must have colors that can pair each other in harmony.

Getting a Window Shutter

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Window shutters are solid, stable, and highly adjustable to all design styles. These traits of versatility make the model ideal for minimalist house design. Besides, shutters can provide you with more control over the indoor lighting compared to blinds and curtains. And they also give extra protection to the window’s frames.

However, since wood is the primary material for window shutters, you are better to trust this project to a local contractor because they know the best type of wood that can withstand local weather. Working with a local contract will also give you the advantage of quick help in case the shutters need repair or maintenance. And if you live in Arizona, Phoenix shutter solutions are the most recommended service in the area.

The Modest Way of Window-Dressing

Minimalist design does not mean that your window can look dull and muted. You can accentuate the look with several elements, such as plants, books, sand jars, etc. The rule to follow is that the decorative items you place there must have either a function or memory. However, you must watch out for the size of your decorative items. Minimalism is about letting in the natural light into the house. You do not want a big object that can block the daylight.