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Losing Your Car keys and Finding a Suitable auto Replacement

Losing car keys can be frustrating. Most people do not get the magnitude of the inconvenience until it happens to them. This point you will go through all your steps, whether at work, home or the nearby restaurant to retrace your steps. It is not surprising that some vehicle owners recommend that car manufacturer have car keys with ring tones or GPS locators.

Back in the day, it was much easier having a car key replacement. All you had to do was visit the nearest hardware store and have it remade. The design of car keys was entirely necessary for construction which made it simple and cheap to replicate. Unfortunately, this simplicity made vehicle owners an easy prey for criminals. Today, the problem seems to have been checked. The use of advanced technology makes it extremely hard for one to copy the keys. This makes cars much harder to steal when compared to the past. It will cost you a fortune, replacing a set of high tech keys. The more the price tag of your vehicle, the more the car key replacement cost.

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What are the car key replacement costs?

What comprises of a car key today is an electronic key fob and the primary key. It costs just about $100 replacing the electronic fob from your local dealership. This does not include the dealerships which charge for the labor involved when programming your new fob.


The switchblade and flip keys are areas where the metal folds into the fob when not in use. The fobs have a button that releases the key momentarily. The costs incurred when replacing this types of keys are higher, going up to $300 when replacing a key and new fob. The sidewinder keys also referred to as laser cut keys and

Are made of costly key cutting machinery. Included within is a transponder chip that increases the overall, replacement cost to $250. The new set of the key (fob included) will then have to reprogram at the dealership by a reputable locksmith.

Smart keys are used for starting ignition, locking and unlocking the car. A radio pulse generator within they essential housing is responsible for this. At times, the costs might rise to $400 due to the complexity of the technology used, reprogramming and replacements cost involved. Most of the cars with transponder chips were made after 1995. Auto locksmiths and dealerships are equipped with technology that can program new transponder chips. For this, one must pay as much as $250 for new replacements.

Don’t panic, have a plan

When you lose your car key at work or home, you need a reputable locksmith service. A good number of the locksmiths advertised online are legitimate. However, there are also the fake ones. To identify the dishonest companies, you will notice that the actual amount they charge is way higher than that which they quote on their websites. To safeguard your wallet, take time to find the right auto locksmith around your area. Have their contact details on your phone so that you can reach out to them in case of emergency.