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Facts About Double Glazing Finance

A time comes when you find that you want to treat yourself to maybe a new door, a new window or even a conservatory but the limiting factor is the cost of purchasing something new. If you cannot afford what you want to have, do not worry. SHE BAC is here for you. This is because we have the solution for your problem. You can choose to spread the cost of the money for purchasing whatever you want over a period of 12,24 or even 36 months. If you are looking for double glazing finance click here. Some of the packages that we offer on Double Glazing finance are:


Low Rate Option

kjjjjjkkjkjjThis is a 4.9% APR Representative package. This option allows you to have the freedom to buy your window or door today at nothing, which pays for three months. After the three months, there is a low rate of 4.9% APR Representative that is added to whatever you bought. You can spread the cost you are to pay for around 12 to 120 months. To get the credit of the goods that you want to purchase you have to be subjected to the process of application and status. There exist some terms and conditions which you must apply if you want to use this package.

Buy Now Pay Later

Just from the name, this means that you can purchase the windows, doors, or glazed windows and doors that you want now for free then pay for them later on. In this package, the buyer pays no money for the next 12 months from the day he purchased the products he or she bought. This package comes along with a £29 fee. Just like the previous option this option has terms and conditions that you have first to apply and the credit from this option is subject to application and status.

Interest-Free Credit

yyggygyyThis option has an APR Representative percentage of 0%. In this option, the buyer has the freedom to spread his or her cost over a period of 12, 24 or even 36 months. Interest-Free Credit option is available to all the product lines, and the repayment of whatever product that you bought begins one month after the installation of the products that you purchased. In this option, credit is also subjected to status and application. Before you use this package option if you are interested in buying a product, and you don’t have enough money, it is mandatory that you apply and accept the terms and conditions for purchasing the goods you desire to have.